Saturday, December 29, 2012

Changing My Name

Recently, I changed my email address.  Okay, I am undergoing the process of changing my email address.

Long story short, "just jayne" was taken.  "jayne and the daffodils" was available.  I want to be "just jayne", but the more I try to be that, the further away it takes me from God, from my family.  The more I try to carve out time for myself, the less I can find it. 

"I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud" by William Wordsworth is my favorite poem.  To me, the busyness of life is talked about, the overwhelmingness that comes with living life...the journey.  He closes his eyes as he sits on the couch and he remembers the daffodils...beside the lake...beneath the the breeze.  The circling, the twirling of life.  The violent ways that we spin and become confused...then we have a moment of utter calm and remember.  We remember the daffodils...the children that came into this world as helpless infants, the moment we first laid eyes on our love...  Our own violent spinning stops and we see that we can move independently of the spin of the world.  We have our eyes focused on a "prize"... 

My husband, AKA, The world's greatest (LOL)
My children
That grey elephant fabric
My Chinese red sewing table

How about these for a prize, what about these for daffodils....

God is who He says He is
God can do what He says He can do
I am who God says I am
I can do all things through Christ
God's word is alive and active in me


So, I am changing my name.  Because I am not "just jayne", though I still love the bareness of it.

jayne and the daffodils