Monday, October 18, 2010


How is your day going? I slipped on my socks today to find a hole cut above the big toe of my 12 dollars socks. No big deal I initially thought, but I am realizing that it kind of is because this year my winter shoes are an old pair of Birkenstocks. Sigh...

Friday, October 15, 2010

Thinking Over Popcorn

Snack time at our house has become a little hectic.  We are trying to go wheat-free and everything has wheat.  So, this afternoon the Boyscouts saved us.  I bought some of their popcorn this past trip to the commissary...did you know that it is naturally both sugar and gluten free?  Yup.

So, I am popping popcorn thinking about homeschoolers.  My husband was at first hesitant to the idea of homeschooling because he didn't want our kids to have that sort of awkwardness that homeschoolers sometimes offense.  Really though I have that social awkwardness and I have never been home-schooled.  Okay, before I step on anymore toes...I was thinking of ways to prevent Ike from being "different".  Then I remembered that this is not our home.  This Earth I do not belong to.  I am not supposed to purpose to be the same as other people, but actually want them to see a difference in me.  The difference that Christ makes.  I do not want to raise children who belong in it either. 

So, that is my thought for today...