Thursday, January 12, 2012

I love all things Japanese

I lived in Japan for about two years when I was growing up.  I loved it there.  I love Japan.  I am trying to think in my head right now (not sure where else you think) how to explain the way it makes me feel. 

Japan...cherry blossoms
Japan...colorful coy fish
Japan...intricate beauty in the most simplest of things
Japan...every little thing has these amazing layers of beauty

I can't do it.  I cannot conjure up words that describe the images, the feelings of peace that surge through my being when my thoughts turn to Japan. 

So, you can imagine how surprised I was when I found out that there was something that I did not like about Japan.  Hashimoto's.  It is an auto-immune disease that destroys your thyroid.  I have Hashimoto's.  I am grateful to have a diagnosis.  Grateful because I didn't cause this.  It is not my life that is causing me to be tired, lose my hair, be depressed.  Sure, I do have a busy life and it leads to tiredness, but having four kids, homeschooling has not caused this bit of anguish in my life.  Even though there isn't a cure for this, I cannot take a pill to take away the symptoms, I can find relief that I didn't do something to deserve this. 

Just a word to pass on.  If a friend comes to you saying she knows that she is sick, but cannot figure out what is wrong with here.  Don't tell her she is tired because she has kids and a busy life.  It is not helpful.  Well, it wasn't to me(:  Not sure what you should say though...

Saturday, January 7, 2012


I have been thinking lately.  Thinking lately that I would rather blog than spend time on FB.  Rather send emails or better yet letters...distance myself from technology.  I don 't really spend a lot of time on FB...or do I?  I find myself checking it when I going from one event to the next.  I think that it might be time to rearrange my life.  So, stand by for more posting...hmmm...we will see(: